Dutch Bees
and their relations

Survey of solitairy and social living bees (Apidea s.l.)
in The Netherlands and Flanders.
Illustration: Dasypoda hirtipes©J. de Rond
Dasypoda hirtipes

The most comprehensive digital overview of 266 bees (species or genus) in The Netherlands and Flanders. More than 56% of the species found in The Netherlands (in total 358) are endangered and on the Dutch Red List (RL). Public awareness of this situation is urgently needed.
Almost 80% of the beespecies are to be considered as potential pollinators of agricultural crop in The Netherlands.
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Flying period Insect plants (dutch)
dutch version
Dutch name
Apoidea/Anthophila Colletidae Lepeletier Colletinae Lepeletier Colletes Zijdebijen 9 011
    Hylaeinae Viereck Hylaeus Maskerbijen 21 012
  Halictidae Thomson Rophitinae Schenck Rophites Slurfbijen 1 031
      Dufourea Glansbijen * 4 032
    Halictinae Thomson Halictus Groefbijen 9 033
      Lasioglossum Groefbijen 40 034
      Sphecodes Bloedbijen 20 035
  Andrenidae Latreille Andreninae Latreille Andrena Zandbijen 73 021
    Panurginae Leach Panurgus Roetbijen 2 022
  Melittidae Schenck Melittinae Schenck Melitta Dikpootbijen 4 042
    Macropidinae Robertson Macropis Slobkousbijen 2 041
    Dasypodainae B�rner Dasypoda Pluimvoetbij 1 051
  Megachilidae Latreille Megachilinae Latreille Anthidium Wol- en Harsbijen 5 061
      Stelis Tubebijen 7 062
      Megachile Behangersbijen 15 063
      Coelioxys Kegelbijen 9 064
      Chelostoma Klokjesbijen 4 065
      Heriades Tronkenbijen 1 066
      Osmia/Hoplitis Metselbijen 20 067
  Apidae Latreille Xylocopinae Latreille Ceratina Ertsbijen 1 075
      Xylocopa Houtbijen 1 076
    Nomadinae Latreille Nomada Wespbijen 43 074
      Ammobates Zandloperbijen * 1 071
      Biastes Pantserbijen * 1 072
      Epeolus Viltbijen 4 073
    Apinae Latreille Epeoloides Viltbijen 1 077
      Eucera Langhoornbijen 2 078
      Tetralonia Langhoornbijen * 1 079
      Anthophora Sachembijen 8 080
      Melecta Rouwbijen 2 081
      Thyreus Vlekkenbijen 1 082
      Bombus Hommels 29 083
      Apis Honingbijen 1 084
Bee species or genera recently not found in The Netherlands are marked with a star * and they have no further detailed description in this guide. Some pages are still only in Dutch, apologize for that. This survey follows the C.D. Michener classification (Bees of the World, 2000, 2007). The survey 'Bedreigde en verdwenen bijen in Nederland' (Endangered and disappeared bees in The Netherlands) was published in 2003. Information from that report is used. Wikipedia has been used to complete the English text. For other sources: see Dutch version

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