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Latreille, 1802

May till September
10 species (77%)

osmia sp.
photo: Huib Koel

photo: Frans Rutten

The genus Megachile is a cosmopolitan group of solitary bees, often called leafcutter bees. While other genera within the family Megachilidae may chew leaves or petals into fragments to build their nests, Megachile neatly cut pieces of leaves or petals, hence their common name.

This is one of the largest genera of bees, with well over 500 species in over 50 subgenera. North America has many native Megachile species, though the imported Alfalfa leafcutter bee (Megachile rotundata) is the only truly important species used for pollination. Eight Megachile species are on the Dutch Red List (RL). More information on the Dutch page.

  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
RL Bergbehangersbij Megachile alpicola rare 063001
RL Ericabij Megachile analis rare 063002
RL Tuinbladsnijder Megachile centuncularis not common 063003
RL Ruige behangersbij Megachile circumcincta rare 063004
RL Lathyrusbij Megachile/Chalicodoma ericetorum rare 063005
RL Dikbekbehangersbij * Megachile genalis very rare 063006
RL Grote behangersbij * Megachile lagopoda very rare 063007
  Lapse behangersbij Megachile lapponica not common 063008
RL Zilveren fluitje Megachile leachella rare 063009
RL Distelbehangersbij Megachile ligniseca rare 063010
RL Kustbehangersbij Megachile maritima rare 063011
nb Rotsbehangersbij Megachile pilidens very rare 063012
RL Pyreneese behangersbij * Megachile pyrenaea very rare 063013
nb Luzernebehangersbij Megachile rotundata very rare 063014
  Gewone behangersbij Megachile versicolor not commom 063015
  Grote bladsnijder Megachile willughbiella common 063016

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