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Latreille, 1804
March till November
6 species (67%)

Groefbij -  photo: Huib Koel

photo: Huib Koel
decription: 'Groefbijen' is the Dutch name for two genus of the subfamily Halictinae: Halictus and Lasioglossum. The genus Halictus is a large assemblage of bee species in the family Halictidae. The genus is divided into 15 subgenera, containing well over 300 species, primarily in the Northern Hemisphere (a few species occur in South America and Africa). Most species are black or dark brown, sometimes metallic greenish-tinted, with apical whitish abdominal bands (the related genus Lasioglossum, which is otherwise often similar in appearance, has the abdominal hair bands located basally, not apically).
Many species in the genus are eusocial, with colony sizes range from very small (2-4 bees) to large (>200). Nests are typically underground burrows, with several ovoid "cells" in which pollen mixed with nectar is provided as food for the developing larvae; a single egg is laid on a pollen mass, and the cell is sealed. Sometimes the cells are arranged in clusters resembling a honeycomb, but constructed of soil rather than beeswax.
A few species in the genus have extensive geographic distribution, such as Halictus rubicundus, which spans virtually the entire Northern Hemisphere, and Halictus ligatus, which ranges from Canada to Venezuela. Common European species include Halictus quadricinctus and Halictus sexcinctus.
In The Netherlands there are nine species found of Halictus (six on Red List) and 40 species of Lasioglossum Halictinae can be found on different type of flowers.
  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
  Heidebronsgroefbij Halictus confusus not common 033001
RL Holkopgroefbij Halictus eurygnathus absent 033002
RL Zuidelijke gouden groefbij Halictus leucaheneus very rare 033003
RL Blokhoofdgroefbij Halictus maculatus very rare 033004
RL Vierbandgroefbij Halictus quadricinctus disappeared 033005
  Roodpotige groefbij Halictus rubicundus common 033006
RL Breedbandgroefbij Halictus scabiosae very rare 033007
RL Zesbandgroefbij Halictus sexcinctus very rare 033008
  Parkbronsgroefbij Halictus tumulorum common 033009 Koel, 2003-2021 Uitleg en gebruikte bronnen