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Curtis, 1833
April till August
24 species (60%)

gewone geurgroefbij -  photo: Huib Koel
Gewone geurgroefbij (m)
Lasioglossum calceatum
photo: Huib Koel
decription: 'Groefbijen' is the Dutch name for two genus of the subfamily Halictinae: Halictus and Lasioglossum. The genus Halictus is a large assemblage of bee species in the family Halictidae. The genus is divided into 15 subgenera, containing well over 300 species, primarily in the Northern Hemisphere (a few species occur in South America and Africa). Most species are black or dark brown, sometimes metallic greenish-tinted, with apical whitish abdominal bands (the related genus Lasioglossum, which is otherwise often similar in appearance, has the abdominal hair bands located basally, not apically).
Many species in the genus are eusocial, with colony sizes range from very small (2-4 bees) to large (>200). Nests are typically underground burrows, with several ovoid "cells" in which pollen mixed with nectar is provided as food for the developing larvae; a single egg is laid on a pollen mass, and the cell is sealed. Sometimes the cells are arranged in clusters resembling a honeycomb, but constructed of soil rather than beeswax. Halictinae can be found on different type of flowers.

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  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
  Berijpte geurgroefbij Lasioglossum albipes not common 034001
RL Kortsprietgroefbij * Lasioglossum brevicorne rare 034002
  Gewone geurgroefbij Lasioglossum calceatum common 034003
RL Klokjesgroefbij Lasioglossum costulatum very rare 034004
  Bosgroefbij * Lasioglossum fratellum rare 034005
  Slanke groefbij Lasioglossum fulvicorne not common 034006
RL Combigroefbij * Lasioglossum intermedium very rare 034007
RL Gladde groefbij * Lasioglossum laeve absent 034008
RL Gedoornde groefbij * Lasioglossum laevigatum absent 034009
  Breedkaakgroefbij * Lasioglossum laticeps rare 034010
RL Breedbuikgroefbij * Lasioglossum lativentre rare 034011
  Gewone smaragdgroefbij * Lasioglossum leucopus not common 034012
  Matte bandgroefbij Lasioglossum leucozonium common 034013
RL Schoorsteengroefbij * Lasioglossum lineare very rare 034014
  Glanzende groefbij * Lasioglossum lucidulum rare 034015
RL Grote bandgroefbij Lasioglossum majus very rare 034016
RL Groepjesgroefbij * Lasioglossum malachurum rare 034017
  Ingesnoerde groefbij * Lasioglossum minutissimum not common 034018
RL Zuidelijke dwerggroefbij * Lasioglossum minutulum very rare 034019
  Langkopsmaragdgroefbij Lasioglossum morio not common 034020
RL Borstelgroefbij * Lasioglossum nitidiusculum rare 034021
  Glimmende smaragdgroefbij Lasioglossum nitidulum rare 034022
RL Waaiergroefbij * Lasioglossum pallens very rare 034023
RL Kleine groefbij * Lasioglossum parvulum rare 034024
RL Kleinste groefbij * Lasioglossum pauperatum very rare 034025
RL Kleigroefbij Lasioglossum pauxillum rare 034026
  Viltige groefbij * Lasioglossum prasinum not common 034027
  Fijnstippelde groefbij * Lasioglossum punctatissimum not common 034028
RL Dwerggroefbij * Lasioglossum pygmaeum very rare 034029
RL Steilrandgroefbij * Lasioglossum quadrinotatulum not common 034030
RL Kleine bandgroefbij * Lasioglossum quadrinotatum very rare 034031
RL Roodpootgroefbij * Lasioglossum rufitarse rare 034032
RL Halfglanzende groefbij * Lasioglossum semilucens rare 034033
RL Noordelijke groefbij * Lasioglossum sexmaculatum very rare 034034
RL Zesvlekkige groefbij Lasioglossum sexnotatum rare 034035
  Gewone franjegroefbij Lasioglossum sexstrigatum common 034036
RL Duingroefbij * Lasioglossum tarsatum rare 034037
  Biggenkruidgroefbij Lasioglossum villosulum common 034038
RL Roodbruine groefbij * Lasioglossum xanthopus rare 034039
  Glanzende bandgroefbij * Lasioglossum zonulum not common 034040 Koel, 2003-2021 Uitleg en gebruikte bronnen