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Fabricius, 1793

end of May till start of September
4-9 mm
16 species (55%)

Gewone maskerbij (m)
Hylaeus communis
photo: Albert de Wilde

Hylaeus is a large (>500 species worldwide) and a divers cosmopolitan genus within the bee family Colletidae, consisting of generally small (4-9mm), black and yellow/white wasp-like species. The resemblance to wasps is enhanced by the absence of a scopa, which is atypical among bees; Hylaeus carry pollen in the crop, rather than externally, and regurgitate it into the cell where it will be used as larval food. Like most colletids, the liquid provisions are sealed inside a membranous cellophane-like cell lining; nests are typically in dead twigs or plant stems, or other similarly small natural cavities, rather than constructing or excavating their own nests as in many other bees. Male Hylaeus have a white/yellow face, which give them their Dutch name: Mask bee. Female Hylaeus often have two yellow stripes between their eyes.
Eight species on the Dutch Red List (RL).
*= no data yet
  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
  Brilmaskerbij Hylaeus annularis not common 012001
  Kortsprietmaskerbij Hylaeus brevicornis not common 012002
RL Gestippelde maskerbij * Hylaeus clypearis very rare 012003
  Gewone maskerbij Hylaeus communis common 012004
  Poldermaskerbij Hylaeus confusus common 012005
  Gehoornde maskerbij Hylaeus cornutus rare 012006
RL Boemerangmaskerbij * Hylaeus diffornis very rare 012007
  Weidemaskerbij Hylaeus gibbus not common 012008
  Tuinmaskerbij Hylaeus hyalinatus common 012009
RL Kleine lookmaskerbij * Hylaeus leptocephalus very rare 012010
RL Rietmaskerbij * Hylaeus pectoralis rare 012011
RL Moerasmaskerbij * Hylaeus pfankuchi very rare 012012
  Kleine tuinmaskerbij * Hylaeus pictipes rare 012013
  Lookmaskerbij Hylaeus punctulatissimus rare 012014
  Rinks maskerbij Hylaeus rinki rare 012015
  Resedamaskerbij Hylaeus signatus not common 012016
RL Duinmaskerbij Hylaeus spilotus very rare 012017
RL Stipmaskerbij * Hylaeus styriacus very rare 012018
RL Rode maskerbij * Hylaeus variegatus very rare 012019
  Slanksprietmaskerbij * Hylaeus gracilicornis very rare 012020
  Zompmaskerbij * Hylaeus gredleri very rare 012021

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