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Panzer, 1806


March till August
16 species (80%)

Osmia aurulenta
photo: Huib Koel

Mason bees nests in all sorts of holes: from holes in wood or thick stems (hogwood or bramble), empty snailhouses, holes in a brick wall, even in a keyhole. This type of bee can be found everywhere, even in the citycenter.
Mason bees belong to the sub-family: Megachilinae, they transport the pollen not at the legs but between long hairs at the abdomen. Masonbees can be divided into Osmia or Hoplitis species. Sixteen mason bees are listed on the Red List (RL). * = no further details yet.
  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
RL Slangenkruidbij Osmia/Hoplitis adunca very rare 067001
RL Zwaluwbij Osmia/Hoplitis anthocopoides disappeared 067002
RL Gouden slakkenhuisbij Osmia aurulenta rare 067003
RL Tweekleurige slakkenhuisbij Osmia bicolor very rare 067004
RL Blauwe metselbij Osmia caerulescens not common 067005
  Geelgespoorde houtmetselbij Osmia/Hoplitis claviventris not common 067006
RL Gehoornde metselbij Osmia cornuta rare 067007
RL Kauwende metselbij Osmia leaiana rare 067008
  Zwartgespoorde houtmetselbij Osmia/Hoplitis leucomelana rare 067009
RL Waddenmetselbij Osmia maritima very rare 067010
RL Zwartbronzen metselbij Osmia niveata rare 067011
RL Papaverbij Osmia papaveris disappeared 067012
RL Boommetselbij Osmia parietina rare 067013
RL Klavermetselbij Osmia/Hoplitis ravouxi very rare 067014
  Rosse metselbij Osmia rufa (Osmia bicornis) very common 067025
RL Gedoornde slakkenhuisbij Osmia spinulosa very rare 067016
RL Driedoornige metselbij Osmia/Hoplitis tridentata very rare 067017
  Bosmetselbij Osmia uncinata rare 067018
RL Rotsmetselbij Osmia/Hoplitis villosa very rare 067019
RL Grote metselbij Osmia xanthomelana disappeared 067020

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