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Fabricius, 1775
march till october
21 species (29%)

Andrena fulva
photo: Pieter van Breugel

Sandy pit with nests
photo: Huib Koel

description: Andrena is the largest genus in the family Andrenidae, and is nearly worldwide in distribution, with the notable exceptions of Oceania and South America. With over 1,300 species, it is one of the largest of all bee genera. Species are often brown to black with whitish abdominal hair bands, though other colors are possible, most commonly reddish, but also including metallic blue or green.

Body length commonly ranges between 8 - 17 mm with males smaller and more slender than females, which often show a black triangle (the "pygidial plate") at the abdominal apex. In temperate areas, Andrena bees (both males and females) emerge from the underground cells where their prepupae spend the winter, when the temperature ranges from about 20C to 30C. They mate, and the females then seek sites for their nest burrows, where they construct small cells containing a ball of pollen mixed with nectar, upon which an egg is laid, before each cell is sealed. Andrena usually prefer sandy soils for a nesting substrate, near or under shrubs to be protected from heat and frost.

Andrena females can be readily distinguished from most other small bees by the possession of broad velvety areas in between the compound eyes and the antennal bases, called "facial foveae". They also tend to have very long scopal hairs on the trochanters of the hind leg. Most species also have a well-developed "corbicula", or pollen basket, on the sides of the thorax; it is formed by an outer fringe of hairs and may or may not contain internal hairs.
  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
RL Blauwe zandbij Andrena agilissima very rare 021001
  Matte dwergzandbij * Andrena alfkenella very rare 021002
  Geriemde zandbij Andrena angustior rare 021003
RL Donkere wilgenzandbij Andrena apicata not common 021004
RL Zilveren zandbij Andrena argentata not common 021005
  Witbaardzandbij Andrena barbilabris common 021006
  Tweekleurige zandbij Andrena bicolor rare 021007
RL Donkere rimpelrug Andrena bimaculata not common 021008
  Meidoornzandbij Andrena carantonica common 021009
RL Goudstaartzandbij * Andrena chrysopyga very rare 021010
  Goudpootzandbij Andrena chrysosceles rare 021011
  Asbij Andrena cineraria rare 021012
  Zwart-rosse zandbij Andrena clarkella rare 021013
RL Boszandbij * Andrena coitana very rare 021014
  Rimpelsnuit * Andrena combinata very rare 021015
RL Gewone klokjeszandbij Andrena curvungula extinct 021016
RL Kruiskruidzandbij Andrena denticulata not common 021017
RL Kruisbloemzandbij * Andrena distinguenda very rare 021018
  Wimperflankzandbij Andrena dorsata rare 021019
  Zadeldwergzandbij * Andrena falsifica not common 021020
RL Eikenzandbij * Andrena ferox very rare 021021
  Grasbij Andrena flavipes common 021022
  Heggenrankbij Andrena florea rare 021023
  Gewone rozenzandbij Andrena fucata not common 021024
  Vosje Andrena fulva common 021025
RL Texelse zandbij * Andrena fulvago not common 021026
  Kleine zandbij * Andrena fulvata new (2010) 021074
RL Sporkehoutzandbij * Andrena fulvida not common 021027
RL Heidezandbij Andrena fuscipes rare 021028
RL Gelderse zandbij * Andrena gelriae very rare 021029
RL Weidebij Andrena gravida rare 021030
  Roodgatje Andrena haemorrhoa common 021031
RL Knautiabij Andrena hattorfiana not common 021032
  Valse rozenzandbij Andrena helvola rare 021033
RL Paardenbloembij Andrena humilis not common 021034
RL Noordelijke klaverzandbij * Andrena intermedia very rare 021035
RL Donkere klaverzandbij * Andrena labialis not common 021036
  Ereprijszandbij Andrena labiata not common 021037
  Bosbesbij Andrena lapponica not common 021038
  Wikkebij * Andrena lathyri rare 021039
RL Oranje zandbij Andrena marginata extinct 021040
  Gewone dwergzandbij Andrena minutula rare 021041
  Glimmende dwergzandbij * Andrena minutuloides rare 021042
  Lichte wilgenzandbij Andrena mitis rare 021043
RL Donkere zomerzandbij * Andrena nigriceps not common 021044
  Zwartbronzen zandbij Andrena nigroaenea common 021045
  Viltvlekzandbij Andrena nitida common 021046
RL Schermbloemzandbij * Andrena nitiduscula extinct 021047
RL Gebandeerde dwergzandbij * Andrena niveata very rare 021048
n.a. Dageraadzandbij Andrena nycthemera n.a. 021073
RL Bremzandbij Andrena ovatula rare 021049
RL Donkere klokjeszandbij Andrena pandellei extinct 021050
RL Koolzwarte zandbij Andrena pilipes not common 021051
  Glimmende zandbij * Andrena polita very rare 021052
  Vroege zandbij Andrena praecox rare 021053
  Fluitenkruidbij Andrena proxima not common 021054
RL Breedbanddwergzandbij * Andrena pusilla very rare 021055
RL Roodrandzandbij Andrena rosae very rare 021056
  Roodscheen zandbij Andrena ruficrus not common 021057
RL Rode zandbij Andrena schencki extinct 021058
  Halfgladde dwergzandbij * Andrena semilaevis not common 021059
RL Roodstaartklaverzandbij * Andrena similis very rare 021060
RL Lichte zomerzandbij * Andrena simillima extinct 021061
  Gekielde dwergzandbij * Andrena strohmella not common 021062
  Witkopdwergzandbij Andrena subopaca common 021063
  Breedrandzandbij * Andrena synadelpha not common 021064
RL Tormentilzandbij * Andrena tarsata very rare 021065
RL Zwartflankzandbij * Andrena thoracica very rare 021066
RL Grijze rimpelrug Andrena tibialis rare 021067
  Grijze zandbij Andrena vaga rare 021068
RL Variabele zandbij Andrena varians rare 021069
  Roodbuikje Andrena ventralis rare 021070
RL Groene zandbij Andrena viridescens very rare 021071
RL Geelstaartklaverzandbij Andrena wilkella rare 021072