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Latreille, 1802
March till October
1 species (11%)

Colletes cunicularius (male) -  photo: Huib Koel

Colletes cunicularius (m)
photo: Huib Koel

Description:The genus Colletes (or plasterer bees, in Dutch "silk bees") is a very large group of ground-nesting bees within the bee family Colletidae, with over 450 species worldwide, primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, with nine species in The Netherlands and Flanders. These bees tend to be solitary, though sometimes nest close together in so-called aggregations.
Species in the genus build cells in underground nests that are lined with a polyester secretion, earning them the nickname polyester bees. Most Colletes are found in July and August. The Grote zijdebij (Great plasterer bee), Colletes cunicularius, flies during March and April. The Klimopzijdebij (Ivy plasterer bee) can be found during autumn
Colletes impunctatus is on the Dutch Red List (RL).
  Dutch name Scientific name Rareness Number
  Grote zijdebij Colletes cunicularius common 011001
  Duinzijdebij Colletes fodiens common 011002
  Heizijdebij Colletes succinctus quite common 011003
  Donkere zijdebij Colletes marginatus not common 011004
  Wormkruidbij Colletes daviesanus common 011005
  Schorzijdebij Colletes halophilus not common 011006
  Klimopbij Colletes hederae rare 011007
RL IJszijdebij Colletes impunctatus rare 011008
  Zuidelijke zijdebij Colletes similis not common 011009